Sunday, March 1, 2009

Glossy and Colored Lipstick Balm Moisturizer

I have completed the Mineral Makeup Category product category. First I want to discuss about the Mineral Lipstick Balms that I just created. I have created two kind of Mineral Lipstick Balms.

First, the Glossy Lipstick Balm is a very translucide added with Shimmery Mica to put extra translucent glow on lips. I created this for my kids love of using lip balms to heal their dry lips especially during winter season. Now I dont have to spend money to buy them those synthetic Lips Balms at the stores. My kids love to using the Mineral Lipstick Balms that I personally made. Men and Women of all ages can use this Glossy Lipstick Balm.

The second type of Mineral Lipstick Balm is the Colored Mineral Lipstick Balm that works like a real lipstick to color and put extra glow on lips. It moisturizes heal and give you the Natural Colored glow.

What is good about using Mineral Lipstick Balm than the regular Lipstick is that, it moisturizes your lips and at the same time give you a natural glamour look. The colored Lipstick balm that I just created has a very Natural Look that even kids can wear them. It doesnt contain any harsh ingredients like other synthetic Lipstcik that you can buy. Using a Mineral Lipstick is a very healthy way to make yourself beautiful.

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