Sunday, December 10, 2017

Cross Stitch Thoughts

My mind is full of cross stitching projects. Infact, I ordered another new patterns online, even though I still have few pending cross stitch patterns that I haven’t started yet because I am so stuck working on this Santa Slay!!!

This Santa Slay pattern is sooooo unbelievably complicated and my patience is being challenged. In fact, I am already thinking of abandoning this project so I can start a new less complicated pattern.

Good thing that I still don’t have the budget to buy the accessories for the project I wanted to start. Money will come sometime early next year, and if this Santa Slay project is not yet done by that time, I might stop doing it and start a new one!!!

I have two cross stitch projects with completed supplies I purchased in the Philippines, but it is not my excitement to start it for now... I am more excited  to start doing the Angels of Four Season pattern that I purchased online last year, and I can’t wait to see it hanging on my wall!!!

I can’t wait until I see those cross stitch projects hanging all over my house!!!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Little Late Christmas Tree

I put up my Christmas Tree a little late this year, than usual. I guess it’s because I am working full time now and my mind is full of something else.

Well it’s about 21 days before Christmas so it’s not really late. Part of the Christmas light is not working so I have to buy a separate Christmas light.

I love decorating my house during Halloween and Christmas. It brings the spirit inside the house. A different atmosphere to celebrate with..

What about you?

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Determination to Finished

Two Christmas have passed, and here I am still struggling to finish this Santa Clause cross stitch. I guess it’s my laziness or perhaps the pattern is really challenging. But whatever the reason maybe, I am determine to finish it soon!!! Because I have numbers of patterns to finish and I am so frustrated dreaming about it, all hanging on the walls of my house.

Many times that I want to give up finishing this pattern because it’s so frustratingly complicated, but I thought that everything is doing good in terms of the placement of each stitch. So why not finish it before starting a new one !!! 
I have stopped finishing few patterns but simply because I did a lot of mistakes that I just have to stop because it doesn’t look right anymore, and it’s just wasting my time. But this was before I learned that putting numbers on the pattern and on the cloths for guidance, makes it easier specially on large projects, like this one.  Everything is on the right spot so I am determine to finish it and see it hanging on my wall on Christmas of 2018...

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Time For My House

Oh yeah, I am working full time now. But who said I have no more time to do things I love to do??? Keeping my house tidy, straight and clean is one of my passion and since my work is just 3.5 km away from my house, that gives me more time for myself.

I always want to make sure my house is always clean and tidy especially the kitchen 

And today, I changed all the curtains of my house and re-arrange my living room in preparation of putting my Christmas Tree up..

One thing I learn from this life is, having a house that is clean and organize means happiness!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New Job

OMG it’s been a while since I posted my days here!! There are so many things I missed sharing but then again, it’s good to be back!!!

Oh yeah, I started my new job last Oct. 16, 2017, after my 10 days vacation in the Philippines.

What a wonderful moments !!!

Then I started going straight to work and it was indeed  a new adventure for me. It’s quite stressful but I got the hang of it now. 
I started on day shift but I started going on afternoon shift this week. I like dayshift but I never know that afternoon shift works a lot better for me... Well it’s 3.5km away from my house so both shift is good but afternoon shift works better since I don’t have to wake up early in the morning with the sound of my alarm!!!

I am happier !!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

New Safety Shoes For Exciting New Job

I purchased a new safety shoes for my new exciting job. It's pretty cute black with some touch of pink. I am not a fan of safety shoes, infact, I hate wearing them, but I am excited to start  my new job.

I leave everything to God because I believe he knows what's best for us. I am not after about high wages In fact, minimum wage will be just fine as long as it's near to my house and it will be quite interesting for me to make me do a good job.

I tried applying to three to four companies nearby, and all offered low wages and yet, I didn't have luck. So I thought maybe God just wants me to continue doing what I have been doing. In fact, I have purchased a receipt for tax income purposes to declare it as some kind of business.

But fate insists where should I be. A new customer asked for my Resume after telling her one time, about my work experience in manufacturing business. And here I am, excited to start a new job in Aircraft Making. Isn't so cool??? Aside from the cool fact about working  inside an airplane, the wage they offered is more than I expected. 

Yes, I will be working inside an Airplane and it require to wear a Safety Shoes.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Coffee Syrup Pump

The Coffee Syrup Pump I ordered at Amazon arrived the next day... So happy !!! And look how nice it looks on my Coffee corner ?? 

Not only that it made my Coffee Station looks nice, but it also made my flavoured Coffee Latte easier to make.

This is one spot in my house that I love ❤️!!