Monday, February 12, 2018

Car Aroma Humidifier Disappointment

I just mentioned on my previous post how happy I was receiving this Car Aroma Humidifier  I ordered online. I was so happy how it works and always excited to use it whenever I am driving. Guess what??? After 3 days of using it, it’s now broken!!!! It suddenly stopped working

The blue light indicates that it is ON and supposedly producing mist or a light smoke but there’s none !!!

I am so sad!!!

The money will be refunded !!!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Car Aroma Humidifier

The Car Aroma Humidifier that I ordered online finally arrived. I am so happy how I can use my favourite essential oil to make my car smelling like a SPA. At the same time, it helps to moisturizer my skin while inside my car.

It actually came from China so I am happy that it arrived two weeks earlier than I expected. 

I don’t like using other scenter in my car because it triggers my allergy, so I used essential oil and this one is perfect. However, if you are living in a country like Canada, where everything gets frozen outdoor during winter season, you might want to bring it with you indoor and just plug it back when you are ready to use it again. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


The 6 cross stitch patterns I ordered finally arrived yesterday and I am so pleased with how nice it is to see them all hanging on my walls.

It’s a little bit frustrating how long can I start doing all these patterns with the all patterns waiting for me to finish.  Cross stitching truly teach you PATIENCE.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Three Tier Container in One for Cross Stitching

I ordered this Organizer Container online last month. The item came from China that’s why it took more than a month for the shipping but it’s ok. I am happy to have it. It helps keep my crosstitching work easier and organized when grabbing threads, beads and small supplies I need.

I ordered 3 separate items and attached it together to put more threads and supplies. 

I wish it’s a little bit wider so I can put my fabric and pattern without doing several folds. So I just put the fabric and pattern in a separate ziplock bag. 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Summer Maiden of 4 Season at Day 22

It’s day 22 for my Summer Maiden of 4 Season. I started the beading yesterday then I will start the beading with Spring Maiden after.

I am so hooked to this cross stitching. It takes a lot of patience though, but it’s all worth it every time I see how beautiful it is even it is not fully finish. I can’t wait to see my house full of my cross stitch projects.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Summer Spring Maiden of Four Seasons

I’m about 90% done with the Spring Maiden of Four Season last Sunday. 90% means that there are still few touches to make like the beads. I have to go back to the store to buy the beads, but for the meantime, I started and will finish the Summer Maiden before I go back to the store to buy all the beads and threads I need for all 4 Maidens. I can’t wait to see these hanging on my wall and to start a new project. I am thinking of starting the Angels of 4 Seasons but we will see.

I am so hooked to this hobby that I keep buying patterns and imagining them all hanging in my house. 

These hobby is not cheap.. It’s actually expensive if you will count the money I am spending and the time I consume , but it relieve stress and gives me something to look forward on doing each day. So it’s all worth it. We all need to have some pass time!!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Big Order Before They Discontinue

The big set of cross stitch pattern I ordered online arrived last week, and I am so happy. I know it’s crazy to order this much knowing that I just started a new project and it will take a while before I finish it and start doing another one.

I like all these patterns and when I found out that they usually discontinue selling most of their items, I thought of buying it before they discontinue selling them. In fact they have to refund the money from one of the item from this order because it’s gone already.

There’s another order coming in few weeks!!! Hehehe 

It will take years before I finish doing all of there.