Monday, August 21, 2017

Online Purchase for Natural Products

House budget is good that's why I was able to purchased some of my favorite Natural Ingredients from my favorite online shopping store for Natural products. The only things is that, they require $100 minimum purchased so I have to make sure that I have all the important products to purchased and most of all, the budget.

My order includes, 
   * Neem and Castor carier Oil for making skin care products like lotions;
    * Glycerine Oil for making lotions, body wash and more; 
     * Goats Milk Soap base for hubby's soap where all I have to do is melt, put essential oil and mold it; 
     * Peppermint, Rosemary and Tea Tree Essential Oil for all of my natural homemade skin care and aromatherapy products; 
     * and the newest and first time to try this Foaming Bath Base. I was so happy to try to use it in making body wash, hand soap and foaming bath soap. I will definitely purchased more of this on my next order; 
      * and of course, Beeswax for lotions, and burning Essential Oil inmmy house.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Busy Business

I've been so busy with my business for a couple of weeks now, that's why I am not able to update my blog. Am I complaining??? Well some days I am, other than that I am pretty much okey.

A couple of months ago, I was a little bit stress since I only have few customers and our household budget was getting tighter. I actually start applying to few companies that I am interested to work with even for a minimum wage,  but no luck!! I even rented out one of our guest rooms to help out with the budget but I still need more for better budget.

Then I thought of paying extra for my business ads to boost some exposure for my business and it worked!!!! I received so many calls..

Since last month, I was busy. I actually have been saying 'NO' to many calls and giving some to my sister in law for extra income. 

I actually want only one customer a day giving me  3 to 4 hours of work a day, for at least, 6 days in a week and I am okey with that. The income from this is almost the same amount I will get if I work 8 hrs a day for a minimum wage. In fact I am getting more money, with few hours of work, and I have more time to take care of my own house and family and of course more time to do things for myself. I think I am okey with my small business. The only downfall is if there is some cancellations but for now, all my customers are good!!! I am busy!!!!

I only want to work few hours a day. I can actually take more customers to make more money but, I really think Peace is more important at this stage of my life. That's why next year, we are going to reconstruct our basement so it can be rented out for probably one or two female !

Should I apply to this company I have thought before of sending a resume and start working full time again ???  They are hiring right now!!! Maybe ??? 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Innovative All In One Coffee Brewer

The Ninja Coffee Bar I ordered at Costco online delivered it to our house 🏡 in 3 days. I am impressed!!!

On my previous post, I mentioned that the Flavoured Syrup For My Coffee, I ordered at Amazon arrived in two days. And now that my new Coffee Brewer is here, my luxurious way of making coffee for breakfast is complete. I just need to familiarize myself in making homemade latte or cappuccino. 

I know that this is kinda impractical especially that I am trying to save money, but I just need to reward myself by something after working hard in saving money!!! 😂 

I am happy so far with my new Coffee Brewer, as well as my daughters who love coffee as well... Just something to smile !!! 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Flavoured Syrup for my Coffee☕️

The Torani Syrup I ordered about two days ago from amazon finally arrived. It's Vanilla, Toffee and Hazelnut flavour. I can't wait until the new coffee brewer I ordered at Costco arrived.

Is this good for our health??? I am not sure actually 😂. But I love ❤️ it for my coffee ☕️.

 Here is one things I know, one Cup of Coffee ☕️ a day is healthy but more than that is unhealthy. 

So why not enjoy it with some fancy tasty flavour ??? Right? 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Squash Fresh From Our Garden

My neighbor gave me a small plant about two months ago saying it is s squash but he is not sure what kind. It turned out to be a type of Squash we eat back in the Philippines, called 'upo'.

I cooked it the way my mother cooked it and I love ❤️ it. 

Ginisang Upo for our dinner fresh from my garden. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Facial Steamer Natural Remedy for Sinus Allergy

As I've always said and shared, Facial Steaming is the most effective natural remedy for Sinus Allergy. 

I used to drink allergy pills everyday, that even if it says "non drowsy", will still makes me drowsy the whole day. But ever since I started steaming my face at least 2 to 4 mins, before and after going to bed ( night and morning), my Sinus Congestion due to allergy stops giving me Sinus infection.

Yes, I used to go back and forth to my doctor and pharmacy for antibiotics every time I have Sinus infection, ear infections, throat infection all cause by Sinus Allergy, but I seldom see my doctor now. 

I still drink Allergy pills, once I know that some big Sinus allergy attack is coming due to season changes. Or if I forgot or lazy to Steam my face at night or  morning, but other than that, I  am all free from allergy pills.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fancy Bottles for Herb Infused Cooking Oil

I purchased this Fancy Bottles at Michaels two days ago. I have no plan to buy anything fancy at Michaels because their items are all expensive. I was just there to buy chalk coz their chalks are good quality. But then I saw this Fancy Bottles 70% off... woooolaaa!! I have been looking for a bottle to put all my Herbs Infused Cooking Oil.

I have Harvest my Herbs on my Garden and in the process of drying all of them now, so I can use it on my cooking. 

I wanted to infuse my Olive Oil with the Lemon Thyme and Mexican Oregano and this Bottles are perfect!!! 

I put it on my kitchen window and it really looks nice.