Saturday, February 25, 2017

Organizing Small Bathroom Countertop

My bathroom in the basement is semi functional because the shower room is not working.

Since me and hubby stays in the basement, we often use the sink and the toilet bowl.

The countertop is small and I hate opening ang closing the small cabinet so I thought of putting this Shower Caddy to put all my regularly use personal stuff like facial cotton pads, facial cleanser etc..,

I am hoping that someday we will have enough budget to renovate our basement to make is more functional, but right now I am thankful that at least we have a humble house we called "HOME"...

Back Using The Dishwasher

As I've said on one of my post, I am back to using my Dushwasher on a regular daily basis,

The first chore I do in the morning is to empty the Dishwasher and put all the clean dishes on it's designated places, nicely and neatly. I use my Drying Cloth  to wipe extra wet spots on each dishes, to make sure that all my cabinets and drawers are dry.

I run then Dishwasher before I go to bed so all dirty dishes goes inside and it's all clean in the morning.

I still have some Cascade sacket and I can't wait to finish them all so I can start using Homemade Natural Dishwasher Detergent .

Isn't it nice not to worry buying another batch of Dishwasher Cleaner???

Friday, February 24, 2017

Why Make Toilet Bomb Cleaner??

I just made this Natural Toilet Bomb Cleaner using this recipe

    1 Cup Baking Soda
    1/4 Cup Citric Acid 
    20 drops Essential Oil
Mix and mold and wait to dry
12 pieces!!! Huh!!!!

This is toooooo much effort for a toilet bowl cleaner. Even if I am not working full time, I am not going to spend time doing this just to clean my toilet bowl especially that I have 3 toilet bowls to clean. Also Citric Acid is hard to find and mind you, it's not CHEAP!!!!
I actually use Vitamin C and grind it..

My purpose of making Homemade natural products is due to allergy, and to save money because all these natural products we buy in store are expensive !!!

Why make this Toilet Bomb when all you can do is a very easy, simple and cheap recipe like this
       1 Cup Baking Soda
       1 Cup Vinegar
Mix and wait until the bubble subside then put in a squirt bottle and shake. It separate so shake it before using 

This I use for daily cleaning especially on my powder room because this is the most used toilet bowl in the house. Once a week I will add 1/4 Cup of Alcohol or Hydrogen peroxide on all my toilet bowl...,

I also use this base recipe as my Dish Soap.

Why make life complicated when you can make it easier and cheaper !!!

Small White Kitchen

My kitchen is small and white that's why I always try my best to keep it clean and uncluttered. But even if it is small, I am so happy and proud of it.

I am trying to make it look like a cottage design because this is where me and my family stays. So making it look like a cottage feels relaxing and comfortable 

Beeswax On Electric Wax Warmer

When I learned that Beeswax can help clean the indoor air, I started burning Beeswax in my house. And then I saw some nice Electric Wax Warmer at Walmart. So I purchased few because I find it easier and safer than using candle or tea light candle on wax burner.
Black Wax Warmer in my room
Wax Warmer in my Basement
Plugin oil/ wax burner in my little kitchen in the basement. My dog cage is there
Wax Warmer in my family room or TV area near my kitchen
And Wax Warmer on our Living Room
I use this Essential Oil diffuser using just water, on my kitchen whenever I am cooking 
I am going all natural inside my house due to allergy and I find Beeswax very helpful

Natural Homemade Dishwasher Cleaner

For 5 years I use my old dishwasher on a daily basis without even doing any regular cleaning maintenance. Lack of knowledge and experience plus a very busy life, so my dishwasher last only for 5 years.

I purchased new dishwasher last year when my kitchen was renovated. To my fear of breaking it again, I only use it 1 to 2 times a month.


Now that I've learned how to do maintenance cleaning using no chemicals, I thought of using it again on a daily basis and see how it goes. 
  1. Empty your dishwasher, and remove or pull out the lower dish rack as far as possible. Locate the drain, and clean around it, removing the filter and thoroughly washing. Check all the spinning arms, and clear holes of debris or buildup with a paper towel.
  1. Place one cup of plain white distilled vinegar in a container on the bottom rack of the dishwasher. Now pour a half-cup of baking soda on a small dish and place on the top rack.

I still have a lot of  Cascade Diswasher Sacket and I can't wait to finish it all so I can use chemical free dishwasher detergent. I tried using heavy mix of Pink Solution and so far I am happy. But I like to try some recipe like this one;
  • 2 parts borax ( I will omit this)
  • parts washing soda
  • 1 part citric acid 
  • 1 part salt
  • essential oils for scent (completely optional)
I also still have some Oxyclean Rinse but once it's done, I will be using White Vinegar instead.,,

Using my dishwasher on a regular daily basis will be less work for me and will keep my kitchen always nice and clean!!!! 

I am so happy to learn about making my own homemade household products. Not only it's safe but it will save me money

Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Reusable Napkins

I am serious when I said I want to save money and one of the thing in our house that keeps running out so fast are the tissues or napkins.

So I thought of making a reusable tissue in a box. All I have to do is wash it and put it back on the napkin box that I personally made. How's that???
I just put one small container on our powder room so I can just throw the used cloth and wash it.

Nasty??? Why??? My kids don't like the idea so they still use the regular disposable napkins. Look, I have active bladder and I go back ang forth in the washroom plus I have allergy so I sneeze a lot.

To make sure it's all clean and disinfected, I run it in the washing machine for few cycle with Oxygen and alcohol, and soak it together with other small clothes like undies and socks for about an Hour or sometimes overnight, before completing the wash cycle.

I purchased the box in Dollarama and put a hole just like a regular tissue box. The good thing about this box is I can open it and easily put a new clean batch of clothes.
The reusable clothes that I use is just and old t-shirt. I cut it into a small rectangle size and run the edges on my sewing machine and then fold it overlapping to function like regular tissue box. 
I love that I can put a cotton pad on the side with few drops of essential oil so every cloth smells so good. Love it

Will you make one to save money?