Saturday, August 18, 2018

Parsley From My Garden

I am running out of dried parsley for cooking so, I harvested some parsley leaves from my garden to dry.

I washed it and hanged it outside for now. I will bring it inside when the water stops dripping and let it completely dry.

I have so many parsley plants on my garden because I thought it’s an annual plant. Parsley is perennial herb plant that dies on the winter and grows back on spring. 

There are different types of parsley but the one that I planted grows 4ft tall. The flowers look nice so I left it. But it started looking bad so I pruned it. I am planning to kill some of the parsley that I planted and leave one to grow. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Mosquitos Trapper

This Mosquito Trapper not only looks nice but it also work. I love the fact that not only that it catches mosquitos but it also trap those annoying moths.

At first, I though it was another fake advertisement, but then I realized that there are not much mosquitos to catch inside my house. So I put it outside just beside the sliding door going to my backyard. And yeah!!!! It work!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Mango Scent Moisturizer

I purchased this awesome Mango Scent Moisturizer last Saturday at the Vegan Fest we went to at Downtown Toronto.

It’s kinda expensive but it’s very effective in moisturizig my dry hand. One drop is enough and I  can see the effectiveness once my skin absorbs it.

My hand always touches chemicals at work, that’s why I need this kind of Moisturizer.

I don’t think there is a store where you can buy it, but I am happy that my daughter found their online store.

I love it’s mango scent!! They have lavender scent too which is also lovely.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Squash Flowers for Cooking

I actually didn’t know that Squash Flowers can be cook. So I collected some Squash Flowers from my garden to give to a friend.


I don’t know how much are needed for cooking, but for now, I want to give it to my friend and see if this is enough for cooking.

I also took some Squash Tops although I don’t really know which tops of the squash is good.

I just love this new found hobby of Vegetable Gardening 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Fruits for Heathier Lifestyle

I feel so unhealthy. My weight keeps going up. No clothes fits on me anymore. I really think it’s time to loose a little weight and feel good when I put on my clothes. Because all I wear are t-shirts and sweat pants.

Not that I want to loose a lot of weight so I can wear sexy clothes, I just think I put on so much weight.

My first focus is to eat at heathy as I can. I am substituting white rice to Quinoa. Avoid too much meat. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

I will always make sure that there are always fruits in my kitchen so when I get hungry, fruits are there to fill me up.

I love mango, so I will definitely be slicing them when I want it. Strawberries are essential but I am not really a fan. I love cantaloupes but it’s so much effort to prepare it. So I slice cantaloupes and strawberries and mix them together. This way, I can just scoop it when I need it .

It will also be easier for kids to eat cantaloupes and strawberries. 

Monday, August 6, 2018

Organic Bittermelon From my Garden

What a joy to be able to harvest some vegetables from my vegetable garden. I love Bittermelon, both the fruit and the leaves. And I am so happy to get some of it, fresh from my garden.

There are more leaves to harvest but I will take my time to let it grow for a couple of days. I will be stocking some leaves in my freezer.

I love gardening!!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Collecting Good Butternut Squash Seeds

I love gardening. Its fun to learn how to grow some of my favorite Vegetable in my own backyard.

One of my favorite vegetable that I want to grow in my backyard is Butternut Squash. I want to start it from seeds for next year. So according to my online searching, collecting good butternut seeds is through;

1. Washing the seeds and remove as many flesh as you can. 
2. Then soak it in water for about 3 to 4 days. Good seeds will settle at the bottom. 
3. Separate good from bad seeds.
4. Then dry the good seeds in a baking sheet or foil
5. Store in a cool place

Hmmm..  I think the good seeds are ready to be collected and dry.

So I am drying it using paper towel to absorb some water. I will transfer it to a baking sheet tomorrow and let it dry in the basement.

We will see how it goes for next year’s Gardening adventure . Wish me luck ..